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Kobe Bryant:One Man Can Change the World on and off the Court.


On January 26, 2020 Kobe Bryant his daughter Gianna and 7 others died in a helicopter crash.

Kobe was only 41 and considered the greatest basketball player of this era. Gianna only 13 was a rising basketball star who seemed destined hoops stardom.

To those like myself who not only watched Kobe on the court but followed Mamba Mentality there is only shock and disbelief. Like Ali Kobe was that man.

Kobe was like no other athlete I can remember. His love of basketball, winning and vigor for life was unparalleled. He didn’t  have to mince words.

“The last time I was intimidated was when I was 6 years old in karate class. I was an orange belt and the instructor ordered me to fight a black belt who was a couple years older and a lot bigger. I was scared s–less. I mean, I was terrified and he kicked my ass. But then I realized he didn’t kick my ass as bad as I thought he was going to and that there was nothing really to be afraid of. That was around the time I realized that intimidation didn’t really exist if you’re in the right frame of mind.”


Kobe was a generational player an athlete who was unlike anyone we had seen before. But what surprised many non basketball fans is the success he had off the court after retiring.

Kobe loved life and was not just an assassin on the court but in everything he touched off the court.

To say Kobe Bean Bryant was charismatic was an understatement. Anyone who has a daughter can tell his love for his family and Gianna.

I haven’t slept well for days because Kobe and his daughter Gianna left this earth too soon. A shock that millions of fans are feeling.

As I watch the tributes, replays and talk shows about Kobe. One thing is clear. Kobe loved life, Vanessa his daughters.  He embraced life like all the greats do with relentless determination. Kobes infectious smile and personality, his clenched fist after a jumper.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. Do I hold any hard feelings? Not at all. Life is too short to sit around and hold grudges. I don’t hold any whatsoever.” – Kobe Bryant

Kobe defied and banished every single doubt anyone ever had of him, and he plowed through obstacles as if they were invisible. That there was something he couldn’t beat—the unpredictability of life—is something I will never fully comprehend. Jemelle Hill


Bryant Stibel has an estimated $2bn in assets across the tech and media industries.

Kobe also made $194m off a $6m investment in drink maker BodyArmor, Coca-Cola purchased a significant stake in the Gatorade rival.

He was the founder of Granity Studios, which has 15 full-time employees. His passion for creative storytelling through film, television and children’s books led to an Academy Award for the short narrative film Dear Basketball, which was developed through Granity.

In addition, Bryant created Detail, an exclusive show for the ESPN+ streaming app that was instrumental in attracting millions of paid subscribers.

In 2018 he launched the Mamba Sports Academy for teaching Californian youth the game of basketball and inspiring young athletes.

In Feb 24th 2020 the Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial was at the Staples center in Los Angeles.

Amongst family and friends who spoke about the life of Kobe and Gianna were Vanessa Bryant, Shaq, Michael Jordan, Diana Taurasi. The emotional tributes showed how live Kobe and Gianna were to the them and the world.

My tears  were real as again I realized the world would never hear the Mamba laugh or tell stories again. MJ would never get a text from Kobe asking him about footwork or ideas on Giannas career in basketball.



More Soon…Grieve and live 24/8

Isaiah happy to be with Lakers

In his first game wearing the purp and yellow, Isaiah Thomas scored 22 points and dished out 6 assists.

Thomas made a statement that shouted, “I’m back.” It was nice to see a PG, that wasn’t scared to take the shot.
“I was brainwashed into being a Laker fan as a young boy. And Kobe has been my favorite player. It hasn’t hit me yet that I am a Laker. But when I do look at gear, my locker, my jersey, it’s like, ‘Dang. I always dreamed of it. It’s finally here.’ I’m happy to be here. I just want to put on a show and try to take over this city like I tried to do each and every other city I’ve been in.”

Kobe releases Protro

Lot of us are thinking why is Kobe making sneaks that kook like they from the 90s? We all love the modern feel of the Kobes brand the last 2 decades.

This shoe goes back to the past, the 90s style leather, hightops, balling on hard courts.

“Protro is about evolution and improving on things that were,” says Bryant. “I wanted to build a business that wasn’t just based on things I have done in the past. It is important that the brand stands for performance and that everything we do is innovative, even if we are releasing shoes from the past they still must be built on performance.”

Kobe takes Kaepernick challenge for Charity

Kobe accepts Kaepernick challenge and gives 10K for Youth Service Inc. Charity in Philadelphia.

After being black balled by the #NFL for protesting police shootings of black men and systematic racism.

Kaepernick pledged to give a million to charity and has started social awareness campaign on police brutality and racism.

Kobe had mentioned if still playing he would take a knee.

Like Ali, Kaepernick has started a revolution with this heroic act.

Kobe Bryant Mamba tops Forbes List

Kobe Bryant ranked No. 33 on Forbes 2016 look at the 40 Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 with a net worth of $350 million. He finished just behind Instacart founderApoorva Mehta and GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath, who are both worth an estimated $360 million. Behind Bryant is boxer Floyd Mayweather and Honest founder Jessica Albawith fortunes of $340 million.

Chopra and Bryant produce Kobe Bryant’s The Muse

@KobeBryantApna: Bryant and Chopra are producers of Kobe Bryant’s Muse. kobebryant.ca More insights with the GOAT. http://twitter.com/KobeBryantApna/status/569047725318098944/photo/1
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Probably during my second year [in the NBA]. It takes more time to keep those relationships going. I was just really obsessive about becoming one of the all-time greats. I just loved playing the game so much that everything took a back seat. But I had to make a choice. Once I made that decision, the game became everything to me.


Kobe Rehab Day By Day Lakers lose to Bucks

Kobe’s rehab 1 day at a time the true story of the GOAT.  Lakers inch closer to the first pick as Hill injured for two weeks.



Kobe faces Surgery Wall goes Loco

The Lakers without Kobe lost to John Wall and the Washington Wizards.  The bright spots were tge play of rookie point Jordan Clarkson and Ellington.  A few good free agents and a good draft should give Kobe, a reason to stick around beyond 2016.

“I feel like I just returned a 100 yard kickoff in the last two minutes of the Super Bowl to win it all only to have my run called back by a flag on the play,” Bryant said in a statement released by The Players’ Tribune.


Kobe will have surgery tomorrow for his torn rotator cuff. Paul Pierce, “he’s an icon.”  This much is clear the Mamba will play next year. http://www.kobebryant.ca http://www.theblackmamba.net